Free Rental Agreement Forms and Landlord Association Membership

Free rental agreement forms are provided for landlords and property owners, along with a wealth of landlord resources one cannot afford to be without.  Download your free rental agreement forms instantly.  ARPOLA is a residential landlords association that offers a selection of free rental agreement forms and valuable landlord information about lead based paint disclosure rules, EPA mold guidelines, Fair Housing Act, US Department of HUD, screening tenants, insurance programs, and more.

Be informed about your local landlord/tenant laws! Protect your personal assets and your rental investment by following local, state and national laws regarding your rental property.

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All landlords and property managers must follow the federal laws regarding lead based paint disclosure, mold and fair housing. Please download, read and understand how to properly use this information.
  • Lead Based Paint Disclose Rule Brochure (PDF)
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development website, click here.
  • EPA Mold Guidelines (PDF)
  • EPA Website, click here.
  • Fair Housing Act website, click here.

All of ARPOLA’s state specific leases contain the lead paint disclosure and a separate Lead-Based Paint Disclosure form as part of the FREE state specific leases and legal notices available to members with a rental owner membershiprental owner who is a member of a local landlord association and all rental owners who belong to a local landlord association.